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Frequently asked questions

1. Are you a fully qualified driving instructor?
Yes I am a DSA ( Driving Standards Agency ) qualified driving instructor, who has an excellent first time pass rate

2. What do I need before I take my first driving lesson?

You must be at least 17 and have a provisional licence to drive on public roads but you can apply for your licence up to two months before its start date.You must complete driving licence application form D1 (available from most post offices), and send it with the £38 fee, original documentation confirming your identity, and a passport-sized colour photograph to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD. You can expect to receive your licence within 15 days.Further information about driving licences is available on the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) website at www.dvla.gov.uk/drivers/drivers.htm

3. How many lessons will I need before I am ready for my test?
The number of lessons you need will depend on your natural ability, relevant experience. Your progress will be carefully monitored and you will asked to apply for your test as soon as you are ready.The Driving Standards Agency advises "The best way to learn is by having regular planned lessons with a good driving instructor and as much practice as possible.If you are lucky enough to have private practice, you should be accompanied by a motorist who is at least 21 and has had a full British car licence for at least three years.

4. What will happen in my driving test?
At the start of the test you will be given an eyesight test, and asked two questions about vehicle safety checks. If you get one or both of these wrong, it will count as one minor error.The practical driving test is about 40 minutes long, during which time you will be asked to carry out two set manoeuvres.The possible manoeuvres are reversing around a corner; turning the car around in the road; and reverse parking behind a car or into a parking bay. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop exercise - a random requirement in about one in three tests.You will fail the driving test if you make more than 15 minor errors or a single serious, dangerous or potentially dangerous error.You will be told your result at the end of the test.

5. Do I have to share the lesson with other pupils? 
Never, this is known as piggybacking and means that on your lesson you will be dropping off the last pupil and/or picking up the instructors next pupil. Do you want to drive with an extra passenger looking at your every move?

6. I am having problems with my Theory and Hazard Perception test, can you help me?

Yes that is not a problem, we have all the teaching aids to help you pass this, we can give you lessons on theory as well as Hazard perception. Usually all that is required is some simple advice.

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